Transformative Release Workshops in Portugal

How do you get in touch with others that you like?

How are you, when you are in contact with others?

How is it for you to set boundaries?

How is it for you to say goodby?


We all learned certain ways how to feel save, connected, free and follow our will next to other people. 

Some of the ways make us and our friends, family, partners ‚happy’. 

Some of our strategies feel actually outdated and let us circle in sensations of feeling stuck, disconnected or annoyed. 

Strangely we often meet the same feelings that we already know since years. 

When we find ourselves in a limiting pattern, we have to do certain efforts in the body to continue in this same old way. If we drop these extra efforts, we have the chance to feel what is actually underneath, something that wants to be digested of the past. When the way is cleared, our perception and liveliness of today can raise and express itself. 

In the 4h workshop we will do physical exercises to raise the level of energy and awareness, and drop some old patters concerning relating to partners, friends, family. We explore what needs to be integrated and what wants to be discovered in us. 

There will be also space to enjoy the rediscovered integrity together. 

The workshop doesn’t provide solutions on how we should relate, more how to get back into sensing ourselves and others in this moment and explore our aliveness together. 


Dates and venues: 



Quinta Braz, Tavira


27.04. 2023

10 - 14h



Price: 35€

If you really want to come, but you can not afford it, we can find a solution. 


Sophie is working in the field of Transformative Bodywork since 16 years. 

Sie is based with her studio in Berlin and regularly gives workshops at awareness based festivals.

The last 5 years she started teaching professional training groups in Berlin and Portugal. 

The next group in Portugal will start in September 2023.


Movement in Nature Gathering

Dragon Orchard, Pudley, Ledbury, Uk

10. - 14. AUGUST 2022

Transformative Release Workshop on Creativity

Connection and creativity is the natural state of us in our bodies, minds and of our flow with the world. 

Every creature in nature explores life in different ways in a life time and in a day. 

Perceiving with the body, from all our senses can give us the chance for truly new encounters and inspiration. In this state of inner silence the mind can rest and at the same time can also find new freedom to create. 

Through coming back to a more aware state in our body we can become conscious of how we hold on to old protections strategies in the body and how to drop them. It will open the door to creatively move and explore life as the person that we are today. 

During the Transformative Release workshops we will breathe, move and do different kind of exercises that will rise the level of energy and attention in the body. 

We will consciously let go of some old limitations and enjoy the free flowing state in connection and expression. Lightness and depth will find each other within this processes. 



Putley, Ledbury

Herefordshire, HR8 2RG